We have always paid publishers on time, every time — even when an advertiser hasn’t paid us. 

In 2019, two major ad tech firms went bankrupt and didn’t pay us for ad impressions worth almost one million dollars. And we covered every cent of that for AdThrive publishers. 

In the COVID pandemic unprecedented economic climate, that $1 million could easily turn into $10 million as ad tech companies face nosediving revenue, late payments, slashed salaries and layoffs, or ultimately, bankruptcy.

When an ad tech company goes out of business, it’s almost always publishers that pay the price. But not at AdThrive.

We will always pay our publishers — no matter what

Yes, this is something we have always done. In that respect, it’s not news. 

Facing the very real possibility that the unpaid advertiser dollars from 2019 might be only a drop in the bucket compared to future unknown circumstances, we wanted to make sure we could continue to commit to this and did some serious number crunching to make sure you can have absolute peace of mind. 

Ad management companies that operate on razor-thin margins aren’t financially prepared to face what’s happening in the world right now. If advertisers don’t pay them, they may not be able to pay publishers when it really matters, even if they have in the past. 

From the very beginning, we’ve built our business on a sound financial foundation to withstand economic shocks and continue supporting publishers. 

If advertisers can’t or don’t pay, we are committing to make that our problem and not yours. 

Today, it’s official — so official, in fact, that we added it to the AdThrive Service Agreement:

We are guaranteeing full payments for AdThrive publishers, even if advertisers clawback or just don’t pay.

Not with AdThrive yet? We want to pay you, too!

Our mission is building a creator-first future, and that means supporting content creators as much as we can so that we can be stronger in aggregate.

Digital media is going through a once-in-a-lifetime shock, but the coronavirus pandemic is far from the largest long-term crisis publishers face. We believe it is critical that the best publishers band together to earn as much as they can today, and also in preparation for the even bigger battle that is coming when third-party cookies go away. We invite you to join us!

We’ll extend this exact same payment guarantee to new publishers who join AdThrive. The application process is rigorous — our vetting process protects each AdThrive publisher’s revenue potential — but the more amazing, high-quality publishers who join our community, the stronger we all become.

We have always believed you deserve to be paid the absolute most for your incredible content, and even in these tumultuous times, we are 100% committed to doing just that.