Rachel Parkin

Rachel is the EVP of Sales and Marketing, overseeing AdThrive’s advertiser media sales. Rachel is an expert in the programmatic landscape and focuses on helping publishers and brands stay one step ahead in the ever-changing world of digital advertising. She connects brands with the AdThrive audience at scale through private marketplaces offering access to highly viewable inventory and unparalleled audience targeting capabilities. Rachel draws on data covering every aspect of the content consumption journey to help brands develop the best strategy for reaching the right audience with the right message. On the weekends, Rachel can be found taking photography classes and discovering new restaurants in NYC.

Our sales team brings publishers more revenue

To take home the most money for the ads on your site, you need to be earning from both open market programmatic advertising and direct-sold advertising campaigns. Any ad management company can help you connect to programmatic advertising. Fewer companies are set up with an equally strong focus on sales. Without a strong ad sales

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