Today we’re excited to share the news that Slickstream, the industry’s leading engagement product for independent publishers, is joining our family of publisher solutions

What is Slickstream?
If you’re not familiar with Slickstream, it was the first-to-market engagement technology available to independent publishers, and has continued to lead the market in offering best-in-class products that engage readers and drive repeat traffic. Hundreds of the world’s biggest sites are already using this product to build closer relationships with their audiences, keep them engaged longer, and make more ad revenue.

And publishers who use Slickstream see significant increases in total clicks on their sites and hundreds of additional hours of on-site activity, driving higher revenue per session (RPS).

Slickstream helps publishers steadily build traffic with a better experience for every visitor with:

  • intelligent site search that helps readers find what they want, faster
  • data-driven content recommendations that encourage click-throughs
  • a favoriting feature that lets readers save content and helps to gather memberships (and collect email addresses to build more first-party data) 
  • a highlighting feature that works with email services (or any element on your site) to drive more subscriptions and other important actions
  • and powerful reporting, offering significantly deeper insights into reader behavior than Google Analytics

Why do more publishers choose AdThrive over any other ad management partner?
Slickstream is the perfect addition to our family of publisher solutions that gives them more ways to grow their businesses.

Bring people inKeep them & bring them back
Last year, we launched Content Optimization powered by Topic to help publishers expand their traffic footprint and bring in new readers via SEO. We’ve seen fantastic results, with publishers averaging 30% more pageviews from search after using Topic to optimize content.Now, we’re helping publishers turn site visitors into loyal readers who consume more content, spend more time on site, and return again and again with Slickstream, the sophisticated user-engagement suite so many publishers already know and love.

What’s next?
Publishers who are currently subscribed to Slickstream will now enjoy the product free of change without any changes or disruption to their service. 

New Slickstream signups are paused right now so we can make some key enhancements to the product before we begin rolling it out to all AdThrive and CafeMedia publishers, as well as any qualifying publishers outside of our network. Publishers who are interested in getting access to Slickstream can sign up, and we’ll keep them up-to-date on new developments.

We’re constantly looking for ways to equip publishers with everything they need to earn the most revenue and create thriving businesses for the long term. As a partner, we want to bring our publishers access to best-in-class resources to help them capture more traffic and deliver premium experiences to their readers, while we make sure they take home the highest ad revenue for those pageviews.

Slickstream is THE market-leading offering, and we look forward to adding even more game-changing benefits that help publishers grow!

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