Following on the heels of our expanded offering news last month, we have a lot more coming. 

I’m excited to welcome Laurie Turk, founder of and Reconalist, an SEO education and services company, to the AdThrive team as Vice President, Content Strategy. 

Alongside Hank Azarian, Senior Vice President, Audience Growth, Laurie will help creators grow their traffic by leveling up their SEO and content strategies. The combined expertise of this dynamic duo is incomparable, and it is the latest move to ensure AdThrive creators have the most comprehensive tools and services to grow their audiences. 

Laurie has been an AdThrive creator since 2013 and shares our mission to elevate creators and help them reach new levels of success. Through content audits, a traffic strategy portal, and courses, Laurie’s Reconalist brand has helped hundreds of content creators use simple tactics to tap into existing strengths and grow traffic.

In addition to Laurie joining the team, we are acquiring her company Reconalist. Over time we want to use Laurie’s smart, easy-to-grasp strategies and educational curriculum to help all of our creators grow their traffic and succeed for the long term. 

Stay tuned for much more to come, and welcome to the team, Laurie!