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Topic is the industry’s leading SEO content optimization technology, and it’s exclusive to Raptive creators.

When you provide a keyword or phrase, Topic uses AI to analyze search results for that keyword, offering suggestions to make your content more competitive.

The content optimization tool [Topic] offered by AdThrive saves us an incredible amount of time, especially when it comes to how best to prioritize the articles we need to improve/rework. It’s been a total game-changer for our content team.”

Bola Sokunbi Clever Girl Finance

Topic Case Study: Clever Girl Finance

Optimizing content with Topic

The team behind Clever Girl Finance used Topic to easily achieve better rankings and traffic for the post Is Now a Good Time to Invest?

They created a Topic brief based on their focus keyword, and updated the post based on the suggestions provided.

The Results

Within just a few days, they were already seeing amazing results! The post climbed in rankings and attracted significantly more search traffic.

See what Topic can do for you

Ready to try it out? We’ll send you a custom brief you can use to amp up an existing post on your website — see how Topic saves you time by automatically optimizing for your focus keyword.

We recommend choosing a post that’s ranking lower than #3 for its target keyword, ideally with good impressions and clicks.