Welcome to our blog series sharing what it looks like to get started working with AdThrive. First, we looked at how to qualify for AdThrive and how to apply. Then, we walked you through how we work together to design your custom ad layout.

In this post, we’ll go over your first day with AdThrive ads — what you can expect when we install your ads and what happens after that!

Installing your new AdThrive ads

Most creators choose to have our team take care of everything to set up the ads, but you also have the option to install the ads yourself with the guidance of our team. 

For now, we’ll specifically focus on the most common scenario where we install the ads for you so you can sit back and relax!

We’ll log into your site and get everything set up

On your start date with AdThrive (hooray!), you’ll hear from one of our install experts to let you know that we’re about to log in to your site and start working.

1. We’ll set up your ads.txt file. An ads.txt file lists the advertisers we partner with who are authorized to sell your ad spaces and is crucial to helping you earn well!

2. If you were running ads before, we’ll remove ads from your previous ad provider. We’ll do this at the same time we’re setting up your new AdThrive ads to minimize ANY downtime in ad earnings.

3. We’ll set up custom placements for your AdThrive ads. If you use WordPress, we’ll install the AdThrive Ads WordPress plugin. If you don’t use WordPress, we’ll add a snippet of code in the header of your site. 

Either way, your ad placements are all set up on our end and automatically added to the right spot on the page targeting HTML elements — this lets us make any adjustments quickly and easily!

4. We’ll add an ‘Elite CafeMedia Publisher’ badge in the footer of your site. This is also placed through the AdThrive plugin or code. This badge is used to inform high-paying advertisers that your site is part of the AdThrive community, making you more money.

We’ll verify that your ad layout is set up exactly the way we talked about, everything is running smoothly and looks great on the page, and then we’ll reach out with the great news that you are OFFICIALLY an AdThrive creator! 

We’ll ask you to take a look at your site and make sure you love it too — we’re more than happy to work with you to make any tweaks or changes you need. We want you to be thrilled with the ad experience on your site!

What’s next after ad installation?

With your ads installed, our work is just beginning! During your first few days and weeks running AdThrive ads, we’ll gather data that lets us dial in specific optimizations for your readers and our advertising partners.

You can join the AdThrive Community Facebook group right away!

Our Facebook group community is exclusively available to AdThrive creators and it is THE place to network with other professional content creators. Meet your fellow AdThrivers, ask for advice, collaborate, and learn from one another and from the privileged content we share in the group!

A few days after ad installation, you’ll get access to the AdThrive dashboard with lots of fun data

Data is an essential tool for running a successful business, so we give you lots of detailed reports in your AdThrive dashboard. You’ll find specific ad earnings, ad performance data, traffic insights pulled in from your Google Analytics account, and RPM breakdowns on individual pages. It’s all designed to help you understand what’s earning well and how to amplify that!

Four things you should check out right away:

  1. Take advantage of high video ad revenue by uploading your videos — you can add them to your Playlist video player and embed specific videos in your posts.
  2. Add your payment and tax info so your first paycheck can head your way on time. We support lots of different payment methods, so you can choose the one that works best for you!
  3. Let us know if you’d like to turn on any additional ad categories (like running Political ads) on the Ad Preferences page.
  4. Dive into RPM by Page to understand how different pages earn and spot improvements you can make.

You’ll get access to more AdThrive resources to dive into

Every AdThrive creator gets free access to awesome resources, like HashtagJeff’s SEO Mastermind Course. We also host webinars and run educational programs designed to help you build your business. 

Plus, you’ll unlock AdThrive creator-exclusive content here in the AdThrive Resource Center!

Our team will monitor your ads and reach out with proactive suggestions

Once we’ve perfected your ad layout and optimizations, our team keeps a constant eye on everything going forward to make sure your ad performance stays as strong as possible. We make minor adjustments on our end all the time, but if we notice any areas for improvement or recommend changes to your ad layout, we’ll reach out with suggestions. 

You’ll receive your first payment 45 days after the end of your first month running AdThrive ads

We submit ad revenue payments on the 15th of every month on a net-45 schedule. For example, if you get started with AdThrive in January, you’ll receive your first payment on March 15 for your total January earnings. 

We guarantee full payments for AdThrive creators, even if advertisers don’t pay us. This means you can count on being paid the money you see reported in your AdThrive dashboard because we’re committed to paying you that amount whether we receive it from advertisers or not.

You can reach out to our team with questions, any time

Helping creators isn’t just a job for our team — it’s a mission! We’re here for you and eager to help however we can, so reach out if you ever have questions, need advice, want to share feedback or requests, or just want a friendly chat.

Interested in learning more about AdThrive?

We’d love to chat with you about how AdThrive can help you make a living doing what you love! If you have any questions, we’d love to answer them. If you’d like to get started earning more ad revenue today, you can start an application right here, and we’ll be in touch!